Check each order with a barcode scanner.

happy customer

The customer gets what they ordered.


View reports and statistics.

barcode scanner

Works with all standard barcode scanners.

Say goodbye to re-shipping and costly mistakes

Every shipping mistake is an extra expense for you as a merchant, and making the customer dissatisfied.

Using iPacky, each item in the order is barcode checked before it is sent. Checking for correct items and quantity so you can be sure that the customer gets what they ordered.


Supervising, traceability and reporting

In business it's critical to obtain the information necessary to manage the business, and make necessary changes.

The unique Dashboard of iPacky will allow you to get status of the packing, assign packers, reporting, add packing notes on products and more.

Short explainer video

View a quick demo of what iPacky does. Save time.

Take a look at Tips and tricks and FAQ

To quickly learn about useful things, take a look here.

Integrated with Shopify

No need to download anything to outside system.

Works directly in the Shopify admin.

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