On this screen you will see the registered users. Only Administrator can access this screen.

Click Add button to add a user.

Click Edit icon to edit an exististing user.

Add/Edit User

Field Description
Full name
The full name of the user. Required.
Short name
Short name of the user. Used in the order tag in Shopify and in lists. Required.
Only use email for users that will log into Dashboard. Packers/Validators dont need password and it's not used when entering iPacky, just Dashboard. If email, then Password is mandatory.
Users cannot be deleted if it's referenced in orders. Meaning they have checked an order. So instead you can disable it. It can be re-enabled later.
Will always show blank. To change password, write in new password. Must be entered if email is not empty, and you want to change password. Must be 8 characters minimum, 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 digit and one Non-alphanumeric (like #"@/])
Role Description
Full access to Dashboard. This include all other roles except Packer and Validator. So if Administrator, dont select other roles than Packer/Validator if necessary.
Same as Operator role + access to Reports. Only Packer/Validator role might be necessary.
Can view the main page in Dashboard.
Has access to the Boxes (read-only), Workstations, Carriers and tracking URL and Metafields functionality. Only Administrator can edit Boxes.
Only applies to the Premium subscription level. It means that a user with this role can validate a order check.
Users with this role will appear in a selection box when iPacky starts. It identifies the packer for traceability and reporting.

All roles include the rights of the Viewer role. Menu items which a user doesn't have rights to will not be shown.

Since iPacky uses an ID of the user internally, it will cause no issues to change information later, including email. The Shopify tag on order however will use the Short name at all times. So if the Short Name changes from JaneD to JD then only new orders will have the new tag. 

A user can edit their own data in the Account menu, and log out.

Note: It's highly recommended that Administrator role is only assigned to users that must have this role. This to avoid changes to Settings, Fulfillment rules, Connectors and Users that can cause problems.

Best practice

  • Only give the users rights needed
  • Packers/Validators should not have email/password unless they need to access the Dashboard
  • Use user names and not "Station 1". This is because of need to identify packer/validator for traceability
  • Dont use long Short name. This is used as a tag in Shopify, and also on some reports/screens
  • Short name should a short version of their Full name. So if the Full name is Jane Doe, the short name can be for example JaneD
  • Do not create multiple accounts of the same user. A user can have multiple roles
  • Don not use comma in Short name since this is used in order tag and will cause the tag to split into two or more tags