Available in Premium only. Only available for users with Administrator, Operator or Supervisor role. In the Dashboard.

This is for use with Add tracking in iPacky. In the menu.

The purpose of this function is to create a list of carriers and their tracking URL that can be chosen from a drop-down list in Add tracking. This to avoid typing in carrier and tracking URL when you want to register tracking# on a different carrier.

To add a carrier/tracking URL, fill inn the fields in the Add section, and click on the + button.

To delete a carrier/ tracking URL, click on the X button.

Use {{tracking_no}} in the URL to replace this text with the actual tracking number.

Lines with empty carrier or tracking URL will be ignored on save.

Note: remember to add the carrier, and then click save.

After entering data her, it can look like this in iPacky=>menu->Add tracking: