Metafields is a unique and very powerful feature for entering packing notes and virtual barcodes on products. 

When entering this screen you have to click on Load products. This will load all the shops product into memory for easy and fast search. This might take minutes if your store have thousands of products. You can go to other screen in Dashboard, and the loading will continue in the background. 

When load is completed it will show the list, and the button wil change to Reload.

In the filter field you can search on SKU, name, vendor and type, and it will only show the matches. After making changes, a Save button will appear. It will also warn you about changes not saved when going to the next or previous page.

NOTE: It will not warn about unsaved changes if you exit this screen.

Packing note

Packing note is unique to iPacky.

This will help the packer with special instructions or location in warehouse. The possibilities are endless. These notes will be saved on product variants in metafields in Shopify, and will be there regardless of iPacky. So this means that these notes will not disappear if uninstalling iPacky. These are also available for other apps to use. These notes will also be visible if you use the built-in packing slip print in iPacky.

You can enter whatever text you want here, and use enter to separate lines.

The note will appear on the order lines in iPacky that has a packing note. It can look like this:

In the menu in iPacky main screen there is "Packing slips". There you can print out packing slips (packing list) that will include the packing note, and can look like this:

Virtual barcodes

Only available in Premium level.

Virtual barcodes is an extremely powerful functionality to add virtual barcodes to a product variant, typically a kit/bundle. This is a feature unique to iPacky.


The parent product (main product) "Phone charget kit – White" has the following children (sub products):

1x24V charger plug
1xWall plug
2xUSB-C cable

In virtual barcodes (V barcodes), it can look like this:

In this example the packing note is used for clarification of the child products.

The virtual barcodes are the barcodes of the children.

The virtual barcodes are specified in the V barcodes field. Barcodes are seperated by comma, and if quantity is bigger than 1 it can be specified inside [], like [2]. That means that the barcode needs to be scanned twice, because it's two of it. No need to use brackets if quantity is 1.

If validation fails on reading these values, they will be ignored. For example if the number inside brackets are negative or invalid, like [two].

Do not use enter or any special characters inside virtual barcode field. Just barcode itself, comma to seperate and quantity inside brackets. If too many barcodes it will just wrap to next line, but this is not enter.

There is no validation that these barcodes actually exists, and there is no validation that these child products actually exists. If barcode of child virtual barcode change, it must be updated here.

NOTE: A bundle product must not have not have same barcode/SKU as any other products. So if you have a phone and a phone kit they must be separate products in Shopify. In this case phone is a part of phone kit.

An order with a product that has virtual barcodes can look like this:

When scanning a barcode, the logic is like this:

– First it looks in main products for this barcode. Meaning the product on the order line. If this is found it increments the quantity scanned.
– If found in main product, but main product is completely scanned (order qty=scanned qty), it starts to look in all virtual barcodes in all order lines. And the same if not found in main product.
– If found in virtual barcodes it increments the scanned quantity on the found virtual barcode. If more is scanned than order quantity it gives a message that barcode is not found. It also changes the color of this virtual barcode to cyan if not fully completed, or green if fully completed.
– When all the virtual barcode children of a parent product are completed, it increments the parent scanned qty. And all children virtual barcodes are reset, and ready for a new round. If parent product is completed, then it will not accept more virtual barcode scans.

NOTE: It entirely possible to have an order line with the same child product in another order line. In this case, the 24V charger plug can be on an order line by itself, and then as a child virtual barcode of the kit because the customer ordered both. Then iPacky will first complete the line with 24V charger plug, and then start on the virtual child 23V charger plug.

It's still permitted to edit scanned quantity or enter the barcode of the parent product. Therefore is recommended that the parent product does not have a barcode since it's actually a kit. If the kit is prepacked with a barcode, then there are no need for virtual barcodes on that.

It's no functionality to manually edit the scanned quantity of a virtual barcode in an order.