Available in Premium only. Only available for users with Administrator role. In the Dashboard under Connectors.

Note: This has to be activated by us. Please contact us to activate.

With the MyParcel.nl/be connector you can connect iPacky and MyParcel directly. This means that you dont need to go into another app to create the shipping labels, but get it directly after checking the order.

When the order check in iPacky is complete, the shipping label will be printed instantly on your printer.

You set up the rules for what kind of shipment and options you want.

Note: The Printnode connector has to be installed for printing to work.

In order to use this Sendcloud connector you must have a working MyParcel subscription. Get the API key from MyParcel and paste it into the API key here.

The Order tags for shipment failure can be used to set tags on the order if error during label creation. Separate the tags with comma. After fixing and re-checking the order these tags will be removed from the order.

Shopify shipment texts will show a list of delivery types. This is all the available shipping rate texts in the Shopify admin. By selecting a text here and clicking on Copy to clipboard you can then paste this text into the Shipment text. That way you will be sure that you dont make spelling mistakes. There might be texts that is not listed here such as pickup at store. The text for that will be different for each store. This text can be found on the order.

The order of these rules are irrelevant.

To add a rule, fill inn the fields in the Add rule section, and click on the + button.

To delete a rule, click on the X button.

Note: Remember to add the rule, and then click save.

Field Explanation
Shipment text
The shipment delivery text selected at checkout on the order. The match must be exact and is case sensitive. Wildcards are not supported. A * (by itself) means that this rule will be applied when no match is found in the other rules. If this is not specified no rule processing will be performed if a matching rule is not found.
Which carrier to use
Insurance in % of the order value.
Packing type
Specify packing type.
Whether or not a signature of recipient is required on delivery.
Recipient only
If only recipient can accept the delivery.
Age check
If a check of recipients age is required on delivery. Especially useful for orders that include items that has a age limit such as tobacco and alchohol.


  • Check that API key is correct. If it works once, it should work forever unless you change the API key in MyParcel.
  • A common error is that the address is invalid. Make corrections on the order and check again.
  • If label is not printed, check that Printnode is up and working, and that the printer is turned on.