Available in Premium only. Only available for users with Administrator role. In the Dashboard under Connectors.

Note: This has to be activated by us. Please contact us to activate.

In order for this to work you need to have a subscription on Printnode, and have it installed. www.printnode.com

Printnode is a software that allows printing from anywhere to local printers. This also work from web applications such as iPacky.

Printnode allows us to print shipping labels driectly to your local printer.

Here you set up Printnode to work with iPacky.

Install Printnode. Enter the Printnode Client web interface and choose API Keys in the top menu. There you can generate a API key.

Copy the API key from Printnode. Click on the eye icon in our Printnode connector. Paste the API key in that field. Then click save. Go to another screen in Dashboard and come back to this Printnode connector.

The list of printers will now be filled with available printers from your Printnode setup.

Select the one you want to use, and click Save.

If you have several workstations with different label printers, this can be set up in Workstations.