Order reports

Available in the Premium level.

Found in the Dashboard menu: Reports

Only available to users with Administrator or Supervisor roles.

This report is a very powerful tool to get details, overview and statistics about packers and the packing process.

This report can be filtered on:

  • Users – All or individual packer from the list.
  • Order# – Search for specific order. All other filters will be ignored. Press enter or Go after entering order#.
  • Detail – Detailed, Daily or Monthly. Detailed will show individual orders. Daily or Monthly will show summary lines for each day or month. You can then click on the date link to drill down one level.
  • Period – Start date and end date. You can either click on the calendar icon to pick a date, or write in the date directly.
  • Go – Run the report.

Order list view

Column Description
How long it took to scan
Short name of the packer
Click on the hyper-link to open the order details
Deviation count. iPacky records all erros or deviations done through the packing process. For example if scanning a barcode not on the order, manual entering SKU or manually editing scanned quantity. By clicking on the order, these deviations will be shown
Number of order lines/total number of items in order
Scan time per item in order

Only checked orders will be listed.

At the end there is a summary.

  • Scan time. Sum of Durations.
  • Pack time. The duration of when packing started that day until the last pack of the day.
  • Lead time. The duration between packings. 
If in Daily or Monthly view clicking on the date link on a line will drill down to next level.

Order details view

By clicking on an order, order and packing details are shown (data has been pixelated in screen shot to anonymize real data):

Daily view

Monthly view