Available in Premium only. Only available for users with Administrator role. In the Dashboard under Connectors.

Note: This has to be activated by us. Please contact us to activate.

With the Sendcloud connector you can connect iPacky and Sendcloud directly. This means that you dont need to go into another app to create the shipping labels, but get it directly after checking the order.

When the order check in iPacky is complete, the shipping label will be printed instantly on your printer.

Note: The Printnode connector has to be installed for printing to work.

In order to use this Sendcloud connector you must have a working Sendcloud subscription. www.sendcloud.com

You must also have Sendcloud's Shopify app installed, and carriers, rules etc must have been set up.

In the Sendcloud panel,  select Settings icon=>Printing. Make sure that Label format is set to the correct format. Usually this is A6 for a label printer.

In the Sendcloud panel, select Settings icon=>Integrations. Here you add the Shopify connector, and Sendcloud API (if not already connected).

In the Shopify connector, make sure that The shop, not Sendcloud, is in control of sending Track & Trace notifications is checked. In the Shop feedback drop-down, make sure that it's set to Set parcel status to "sent" at point in time when label is processed at carrier.

In the Sendcloud API, copy the Public key and Secret key. Click on the eye icon in iPacky's Sendcloud setup and paste the values. API key=Public key. API secret = Secret key.

The Order tags for shipment failure can be used to set tags on the order if error during label creation. Separate the tags with comma. After fixing and re-checking the order these tags will be removed from the order.

Note: A new order will appear in Sendcloud after about 5 minutes after the order was placed. So it might not be ready when you check it in iPacky. This is because of how Sendcloud connects with Shopify. The same applies if youi make changes to an order in Shopify.


  • Check that API keys are correct. If it works once, it should work forever unless you change the API key and secret in Sendcloud API.
  • In case of error creating label the most likely cause is that the order is not available in Sendcloud yet. This can take up to 5 minutes.
  • The other common error is that the address is marked in Sendcloud as invalid. Make corrections on the shipping address in Sendcloud, and try again.
  •  Another possible cause is that the weight of shipment is set to 0 in Sendcloud, or that there is something wrong with the shipping method selected in Sendcloud. Look at the order in Sendcloud to see the cause of the error.
  • If label is not printed, check that Printnode is up and working, and that the printer is turned on.