Validate orders

Available in the Premium level.

Validate orders makes it possible to make a second round of order checking.

It's useful when the packing process needs to be validated, or a process where there are pickers and packers.

The first round is the normal process, but optional fulfillment, partial fulfillment or checking of tracking# or address label is done in the validation round.

In order to turn on this feature, the "Validate orders" setting must be set, and the subscription level must be Premium.

After this is set, the users that have the right to validate must be assigned the "Validator" role.

Wen a user with Validator role is using the iPacky main screen, an menu item will appear with Validate orders:

The validate orders screen can look like this:

Here you can filter on dates, and also the maximum number of items to be shown.

Only orders that has been checked, and not validated will be listed.

You can either click on the order# link, or type in an order#. or you can click on the Check next button.

After finishing validation of an order it will return to this screen, and the validated order will disappear.