Available in Premium only. Only available for users with Administrator, Operator or Supervisor role. In the Dashboard under Workstations.

Here you can specify your workstations (packing stations). There is no need to use this functionality if you only have one workstation.

At startup of iPacky a drop-down list with registered workstations will be shown for selection.

The purpose of this is to make it possible to identify which workstation that has checked the order, and also for connecting to the right printer (if Printnode is connected). This information will also be shown on the order details in Dashboard reports.

To add a rule, fill inn the fields in the Add workstation section, and click on the + button.

To delete a workstation, click on the X button. It's highly recommened to re-use a workstation listed if it is replaced by a new one. There is no need to change the workstation if new hardware is used.

The printers will only be visible if Printnode connector is set up.

Note: remember to add the workstation, and then click save.

Field Explanation
Free text name to identify the workstation. Dont use a whole sentence to name the workstation. One word is usually enough
A longer description of this workstation. For example type or location. This will only be visible here
Order tags
Specify the tags that will be set on the order (if any). This makes it possible to see what workstation was used in the order list in Shopify admin. Regardless of order tags the workstation will always be recorded internally in iPacky to be visible on order details in Dashboard reports. Separate tags with comma
Label printer
Only applicable and visible if Printnode is connected. Select from the drop-down list the printer that will be used on this workstation. If a printer is not listed here, please check the Printnode setup