Dashboard Front Page

The Dashboard is a unique feature in iPacky that lets you administer users, statistics, traceability and more. In business it's critical to have the information you need to supervise and improve. This is included in the Pro/Premium subscription level.

The statistics is very useful in supervising the packing status, and statistics on individual packers.

In order to get access to the Dashboard, you need to send an email to iPacky with name and email for the Dashboard administrator. iPacky will then create a user and send you back login details (login will be your e-mail address). After that you can log in and add other users and packers. When this is complete, a user selection box is shown when entering iPacky to select the packer.

Boxes is not available yet. It's a new feature. 

Here you will see the current status with packing, and some vital statistics. It automatically refreshed every 60 seconds. The time and date formats used here is the one from the Settings.

Name Explanation
Orders packed
The orders processed in iPacky since the beginning of day.
Open orders
Orders that has not been processed and are open in Shopify.
Packing started
The time that the first processing started in iPacky today.
Packing ended
The time of the last pack. The time interval between started and ended is used for calculation.
Scan times
The time span from starting to scan an order until completing it in iPacky.
Lead times
The time between scan of orders in iPacky. For example, some get the products first, and then start scanning, or getting a box or something else.
Pack time
Total of scan and lead times. This is the actual time it takes for each order.
Estimate finish in
Based on Packed orders per hour, it will estimate when open orders will be completely processed. It's not a actual time, but a time span from now.

Under Dashboard => Fullscreen you can get a full screen status that's perfect for a wall monitor to show the current status of the packing to the packers. The number in red is the unchecked orders, and the green is the checked orders. You can even include your company logo here by setting the Logo URL in Settings.

On the Account menu you can edit your own user and log out.

Based on the roles of the logged in user, content will be visible in the left side menu.

In this subscription level the Packer is selected on iPacky startup, and they also get their own personal settings like sounds.