You can add barcode to your invoices or other reports when using the Shopify Order Printer app, or most other printing apps by including this liquid tag:

<img width="100px" height="20px" src="{{order_number}}&barcodeType=CODE128B&includeLabel=false"/>

The Print packing slips does not work with making barcodes so the Order Printer app should be used.

You can set the with and the height of the barcode.

The supported values for barcodeData are: CODE128, CODE128A, CODE128B, CODE128C, CODE39, CODE39EXT

Please note that with CODE128C that only supports digits, and in pairs of 2. So if the value is 123, the barcode will be 0123.

The optional includelabel can be true or false. If true it will print the value under the barcode. To make it look good, please use a width of 4 times the height.

See an example picking list for order printer